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Since 2006, Vceps has been focused on producing products from natural ingredients cultivated in our own labs or sourced from responsible partners. Our products are formulated to be safe and free from artificial compounds that are harmful for you and for the environment.

From Cordyceps, Natural Soaps to Natural Dyes, fabrics and clothing; we are passionate about our products and what it brings to you, which is: Enhancing your life.


At Vceps our products are made from 100% natural ingredients. Our handmade soap range contains natural fats, like coconut and olive oils, mashed fruits or vegetables, herbs, and essential oils. Ditto for our natural dyes range. We do have a special ingredient that is unique in our soap range, and that's our in house cultivated cordyceps, the amazing herb that promotes beautiful skin.

We source only natural fabrics and materials for our clothing and accessories line too. Rest assure that we do not compromise on quality to provide the best consumer experience possible.  



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Our brands

Vceps is involved in various businesses and we differentiate them by independently named divisions with their own unique identities and logos.

When we started our business, we knew we needed a brand that reflects our values and at the same time, stands out from the crowd. Thus, Root & Bark.

The name immediately informs our customer about our core values, that we only use natural ingredients in our products. These products are made in house and represents our premium product range where only the best will be good enough for you.

Living Skills is our learning division where we offer training skills such as natural dyeing, soap making, bio-tech cultivation techniques, design, photography and videography. We hold learning sessions on a weekly basis and we engage in house experts in their field, as well as guest trainers to share their knowledge and experience.

Brand Logos

K-Media is our media design and production house which is tasked to take care of all our visual, audio and graphic needs. We do undertake projects from the public and pride ourselves in our meticulous approach to produce material of the highest quality.

Shyan is the Chinese given name of one of our founders and focuses on fashion wear and accessories utilizing only natural materials and traditional manufacturing methods where possible. Apart from the eye catching looks, these products are comfortable, safe for you and environmental friendly.

Mivoo is our budget friendly range that does not compromise on the quality of the material used. What we do is to reduce "the bells and whistles" to maximize value.

Innofirma is the technology arm of Vceps. Although we focus on using non-synthetic, non-destructive materials and environmental friendly materials and practices, it does not mean that we ignore technological advancements. Innofirma is tasked to incorporate tech that is not detrimental to us and our world and merge it into a hybrid of the best of traditional and modern methods. Currently we are working on closed cultivation systems and modular buildings that minimizes our impact on the environment.

Natural Dyes,
Fabrics and Clothing

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