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Vceps was incorporated in Penang, Malaysia in 2007 as a biotechnology company specializing in the cultivation of cordyceps, an amazing herb that has many health benefits.

Over the years we have grown to include the cultivation of various herbs including Marsenia Tinctoria and Indigofera, both plants which are extracted for natural indigo dyes. Recently, we have began to develop retail level products like natural handmade soap, natural dyed clothing and handicraft trinkets and curios to make use of the range of ingredients at our disposal.

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The Founders

Vceps was started by Evelyn Leow and Darren Leong with the former in charge of development and production while the latter is taking care of the management and marketing side of the business. Evelyn is a Textile Engineer and has a midas touch when it comes to formulas, colors and dyes while Darren is a retired corporate executive.

Vceps' formation is a result of Evelyn's passion to create products made from natural ingredients that is good for you and safe for the environment. It took a lot of time and effort for Vceps to make it so far but our Founders are determined to continue to make quality products for many years to come.

A close up shot of Cordyceps in our cultivation facility.

A close up shot of Cordyceps in our cultivation facility.


Cordyceps sinensis, or known in English commonly as caterpillar fungus, is a medicinal mushroom in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Modern researchers has elaborated on Cordyceps' effects on immunologic, antineoplastic, antiarrythmic, hypoglycemic and erythropoietic properties.

Our Cordyceps are supplied to various pharmaceutical companies as raw material, as well as an ingredient to enhance our products.

Evelyn in her element.

Evelyn in her element.

Our Lab

Our laboratory, cultivation and production center is a environment controlled facility with clean room class isolation from contaminants, pollutants and micro-organism. The ambient temperature and humidity is strictly regulated to mimic conditions suitable for Cordyceps, while the air and water is filtered by medical grade HEPA filters.

It is also the ideal environment for producing great soap and dyes!

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Our Natural Soap

Modern industry mass produced soap utilizes artificial chemicals to speed up the soap making process, enabling factories to churn out soap in large batches to fulfill market demand. These chemicals deplete the natural layer of oil, sebum, that protects our skin from the environment resulting in harsh, dry skin and even causes inflammation such as
Eczema and Psoriasis or acne and fungal conditions.

Our soap formulations protects your skin by removing toxins and dirt without depleting natural sebum. We produce our soaps with various formulas for different skin conditions, such as dry, sensitive, oily, acne and fungal prone skin.

Getting it right!

Getting it right!

Ancient Natural Indigo & Other Natural Dyes

Indigo represent the earliest known use of dyed fabrics in the world, predating the Egyptian Empire by about 1,600 years. Archaeologists recently uncovered several scraps of indigo-dyed fabric at the Huaca Prieta ceremonial mound in northern Peru believed to be about 6,200 years old.

Almost all blue dye in nature stems from an organic compound, known as indigoid, found in plant genera like Indigofera, an indigo-producing plant found in the tropics. The cottons and indigo dye domesticated by the people of South America and Mesoamerica form the basis of all blue jeans that we wear today.

Natural dyes on pure cotton fabrics is the safer and cleaner choice. It has the power to heal the earth, provide work in areas of rural unemployment, and offer Ayurvedic health benefits that include antibacterial and antifungal properties, immune stimulation, skin detoxification and purification and even blood purification.

Natural Colours

Natural Colours

Apart from indigo we also produce various colours with natural ingredients. All our natural dyes are 100% free from artificial compounds that may cause health problems. These dyes can be used on clothing, fashion accessories or even home furnishing like bed sheets or cushion covers. Evelyn created this product range combining ancient dyeing techniques with modern manufacturing technology while maintaining the all natural aspect. These natural dyes create an unmistakable natural look and feel that modern chemical process cannot replicate and transmits the message that you care for your health and the environment to everyone around you.

Training session with our marketing and support teams.

Training session with our marketing and support teams.

Our Team

Our team consists of like minded and talented individuals that are passionate about what we do. Constant collaboration and training keeps the team updated on the pulse of the world and our place in it.

Do come back often as we will constantly be updating our blog and youtube contents to keep you up to speed too.

Vceps: Enhancing your life.


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