Welcome to our new website!

Hi there! Welcome to our new website!

It has been quite a few years, five to be exact, since our last website update. The old site was get looking outdated and honestly, real ugly. Therefore here we are, a new website powered by Squarespace.

To be honest, the design interface and technology has improved leaps and bounds over the years and this site was really a pleasure to design. The available design tools, including social media and commerce integration, are easy to use and intuitive. No more coding, hurrah!


We celebrated our company's 10th anniversary last month. It's amazing how fast the years has gone by and how much we have achieved during this time. We are now looking forward to the future and entering a new chapter where we are expanding beyond being a raw ingredient / material supplier to marketing our own retail products.

In order to ensure that our products can be seen by lots of people we will be using social media to pass on our messages. These will include Facebook, Wechat and Youtube. However, these will present more challengers as I will have to form a team just to cater to that and this team will have designers, photo and video specialist to make sure our stuff has great quality.

Do check out this blog and our other media channels for more in the following months. I will be uploading our travels to China for our conference with Chinese natural dye specialists soon.

See ya!


Darren Leong