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我们的特色天然手制皂是由天然成分制成,并含有我们独家栽培的冬虫夏草。它不含任何合成化學物同时 可以保护你的皮肤以及是絕對环保的。


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Natural Dyes, Indigo and all the colours under the sun

Experience the vibrant colours of natural dyes that cannot be replicated with chemical dyes.

Natural Essential Oils

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Natural Essential Oils

Enjoy our range of Essential Oils that are produced with only natural ingredients and are pure with no additives.

Protect the Enviroment

Save Earth by rejecting chemical discharge

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Introducing our in house brand

Say hi to Root & Bark, our in house brand that conveys our dedication for using only natural ingredients as well as our commitment to protecting Earth from chemical discharge from industrial produced soaps and dyes.

Natural Workshop

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Natural Workshop

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