Natural Handmade Soap


Natural vs Chemical Based Soap

Modern industry mass produced soap utilizes artificial chemicals to speed up the soap making process, enabling factories to churn out soap in large batches to fulfill market demand. These chemicals deplete the natural layer of oil, sebum, that protects our skin from the environment resulting in harsh, dry skin and even causes inflammation such as Eczema and Psoriasis or acne and fungal conditions.

Our natural handmade soap are made from carefully selected natural ingredients with proprietary formulas and quality raw materials. They are gentle on your skin and our Cordyceps and other ingredients such as herbs, milk and honey promotes healthier skin with long term use. At the same time, our soap is completely safe for the environment.

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All Natural

Our formulations protects your skin by removing toxins and dirt without depleting natural sebum. We produce our soaps with various formulas for different skin conditions, such as dry, sensitive, oily, acne and fungal prone skin. Our soap does not contain any soap base, synthetic chemical compounds, synthetic fragrances, animal fat, artificial colouring, alcohol, foaming agents, hardeners or preservatives.


Cordyceps and Quality Ingredients

Our ingredients are carefully selected and consists of only the highest quality natural raw materials. The ingredients are meticulously prepared and blended according to different formulas before being made into soap. The whole process of making, scenting, curing, cutting, trimming and packaging is entirely done in house for optimum control of quality. The Vceps soap range stands out in a crowded market as we are the only maker with Cordyceps as the main ingredient and the fact we own the Cordyceps cultivation center means that we can manage costs effectively, thus producing good value products. We have seen vast improvements of skin conditions in users of our soap with many repeat customers.


In this slideshow we have included many different types of soap we have produced in the past. These include custom made soap for events and limited edition ones with specialized formulations. If you like a particular colour or shape for a special event, contact us for your options and pricing!


Daily Usage and Care

Our soap is suitable for use on your face and all over your body. As a precaution, users with allergy should first test a small part of your skin, usually the back of your hands, to make sure that no adverse effects are present.

As our soap does not contain any foaming agent or hardeners, it is advisable to not leave your soap soaked in water after use as it will dissolve over time. The best way to care for your soap is to insert it into a foaming net as it has a ribbon for you to hang it around your wash basin and get lots of foam too!

For best results when using our soap, identify what kind of skin type that you have and select one of our many soaps that matches and enhances a particular trait.